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27 octobre 2006 5 27 /10 /octobre /2006 14:42

Dans le bazar de Shiraz, on peut acheter des canards techno. On a le choix entre couleur naturelle ou jaune, rose orange, vert flashi ! Je ne sais pas s’ils leur donnent aussi des ecstasy.

Je ne suis pas très campagne, mais j’avoue que je serais assez tenté par une ferme ou tous les animaux seraient peints de la sorte …. Nos agriculteurs manquent de fun !

in english...
In the bazaar of Shiraz, it’s possible to buy « techno » ducks! You can choose between natural colors or yellow, pink, orange, light green! I don’t know if they gave them ecstasy too! Anyway, I’m not really a country man, but it must be admitted that I’m really tempted to have a farm with colorful animals. French farmers don’t have enough fun!
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Ces petits poussins sont presque aussi colorés que les poissons de la mer rouge!!!! merci de faire connaitre notre blog dédié à la mer rouge!!!! le votre est super intéressant, on apprend pleins de choses... Merci à vous pour ces instants passés à rêver ...
Scene 1 – there are some painted men and women huddling together in a small room. They are in every color you can imagine; red, orange, green, blue…<br />  <br /> <br /> <br /> Scene 2 – there are 2 chickens looking at the guys, paint brush still in hands. The chicks are laughing loudly, rolling in tears of joy and saying to each other: now that's the FUN!!<br />  <br />
Every kids in iran has a memory of buying one of these chicks as a prize. They gave us lots of joy but short. You know most of them are not healthy enough to live long. They would die in a few days or week and left us with lots of sorrow. At that time there would be a sad funeral for them and finally to burry them somewhere inthe garden with a complete respect.